Upcoming Events & Webinars

Crisis Management: Strategies to Effectively Manage a Healthcare Organization

Thursday, April 29 at 10:30ET

Event Details: Preparing for an unplanned or unexpected event, such as a natural disaster, pandemic, civil disturbances, medical error or labor disputes (e.g., union labor) causes physical, psychological and emotional stresses that can overwhelm employees, medical staff, patients and communities. In the event of a crisis, the quality and efficiency of care delivery may be challenged and typically takes a toll on every part of the organization. Lack of the unknown or uncertainty is also a challenge that healthcare leaders face in the time of crisis. Healthcare leaders need to understand ways to prepare their organization for unforeseen circumstances, which includes developing a communication plan, managing organizational resources, such as medical supplies, levels of patient care and leveraging local and state resources and funding.

This panel discussion will provide insight and perspectives on ways to manage an unforeseen crisis within the healthcare organization and its community. It will include how healthcare leaders can better prepare and respond to a community or healthcare crisis, or health surge event or unanticipated response.

It was my honor to serve as the moderator for this ACHE sponsored Crisis Management presentation. Thanks to Ryan Koski for inviting me to participate and to Jodi KellerBrian Saul & Chip Hubbs for sharing your knowledge, expertise & experiences with the attendees.

Seven Secrets of Intelligent Leadership

Wednesday, May 26 at 8ET
PAHCOM (Dayton Chapter)


It was indeed an honor for me to present “The Seven Secrets of Intelligent Leadership” to over twenty healthcare professionals around the country.  I wish to thank Lora Wilson from the Dayton OH chapter of PAHCOM and Karen Blanchett, the executive director of PAHCOM, for inviting me to participate.

Event Details: This event was closed to the public. Contact me for details.

Seven Secrets of Leading Others

Wednesday, June 9 at 8ET
Miami Valley Medical Group Management Association


I was honored to be able to share “The 7 Secrets to Leading Others” to over twenty healthcare leaders in the greater Dayton Ohio area.  I wish to thank Alicia Overman and the rest of the MVMGMA board for inviting me to present at the 1st in-person meeting in over a year.

Event Details: This event was closed to the public. Contact me for details.