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Ronny Shumaker

Master Certified Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach
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Ronny’s forty years of experience in business leadership and management has enabled him to establish a proven record of successfully implementing new and enhancing established leadership strategies. Ronny brings valuable experience applicable to the total picture of successful leadership, client satisfaction and operational processes. He has served in a variety of leadership roles ranging from Controller to Executive Director, as well as the Chief Operating Officer.

Ronny successfully led a large medical practice through the transitional process of becoming affiliated with a major hospital system. Ronny and his team were successful in implementing strategies for creating new relationships between the practice and hospital staffs, as well as strengthening the existing relationships between the practice’s medical staff and their patients. His tenure in healthcare has provided him with opportunities to cultivate professional relationships in the healthcare hierarchy, as well as with key city leaders and governmental officials.

Ronny has an MBA, with a concentration in Management, Innovation and Change, as well as a bachelor’s degree in accounting. He has been privileged to serve on several professional and non-profit boards of directors. Ronny spent many summers coaching youth baseball and softball in his community. He is the proud father of four children and grandfather of eight.

Q and A with Your ILEC Coach

I recognized an excellent opportunity that will allow me to share my desire, passion and knowledge for leadership with others who are motivated by their desire to become better leaders.

One that would enable me to use my passion for leadership and forty years of real-life experiences, knowledge and training to make a positive impact on leaders, both current and future, my community and my family.

Progressing thru the leadership ranks over a thirteen-year period of time in a large, privately owned, multi-location cardiology practice. I started my career there as the financial controller of the company and ended as the executive director of the company.  In my tenure there, the practice grew from ten providers and sixty staff members in three locations to seventeen providers and over one hundred staff members in six locations.

Obtaining my undergrad degree and MBA at a later stage in my life while working full time and helping raise four children.

(1) a passion for and knowledge of leadership and the desire to share this passion and knowledge with other leaders, (2) an active and trustworthy listener, (3) real world experience (40 years in professional leadership roles).

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