How ILEC Coaching Can Positively Impact Your Corporate Culture

Over the past decade, we’ve borne witness to the increasing importance companies have placed on establishing and maintaining their proprietary corporate cultures. Before this period of increased focus began, merely stating that your organization “works hard and plays hard” was a uniform catchphrase. More often than not, what it really meant was that employees worked hard all the time and almost never played. But as companies evolved and began to view corporate culture as an innovative and meaningful way to connect with their employees, as well as consumers, developing and nurturing these values became a defining characteristic.

Corporate culture is now ingrained in a company’s brand DNA, affecting every aspect of how they operate and interface internally, as well as externally. Executive leadership uses their culture to define the organization’s public facing persona, as well as its internal value propositions for practical purposes such as recruiting top talent. A well-defined culture is a representative one, and should readily communicate your brand’s character, values, purpose, and strategy. But corporate culture also plays an increasing role in an organization’s structure and leadership roles. And that’s where ILEC coaching can have a positive and lasting impact.

Reviewing Your Current Culture

Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching is designed to jump start cultural transformations by defining your “5 Cultures of Culture”. It’s a proven process which challenges executive leaders to examine the “Can Do”, “Will Do”, and “Must Do” factors of their philosophies and how they integrate with individual and team-based performance factors.

A Transformational Flow

The premise of ILEC’s cultural transformation process involves a series of six “Thought Igniters”, designed to guide an organization’s efforts. We view these exercises as thought provokers such as, “…it’s not about the organization you want to create, it’s about the organization you must create.” ILEC believes there’s a practical roadmap to establishing a cultural transformation. This transformational flow begins with a compelling vision that establishes your workforce’s collective mindset. This mindset, in turn, affects the behaviors that lead to cultural transformation. Once your cultural transformation is firmly in place, your eventual vision can then be achieved.

How to Invest in the Best

ILEC’s tools and methodologies can help you recruit, select, and promote the individuals and teams who best exemplify the values and leadership of your corporate culture. Through diagnostic development and deployment techniques, ILEC will help you determine the individuals and teams that personify your mission and purpose. Our methods teach the importance of continual evaluation, measurement, and course-corrective actions.

ILEC believes every organization can benefit from challenging the status quo of their established corporate cultures. Your company’s current and future operating success is inexorably tied to this effort. It comes down to isolating and reviewing the challenges before you and what your organization hopes to achieve. Are you lacking in collaboration? Innovation? Do you wish to become more responsive and customer-focused? In the complex world of mergers and acquisitions, do you need a plan to integrate two distinct cultures? No matter your current state of affairs, a much-improved corporate culture can eventually become the determining factor for operational success. Or its failure.

It’s nothing to leave to chance.

Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching (ILEC) is the world’s #1 executive coaching platform dedicated to growing tomorrow’s leaders through organizational transformation. Our master certified ILEC coaches utilize a proven blueprint and philosophy designed to highlight the long-term benefits of investing in human capital. To get started, reach out and request a discovery call and let’s take your organization’s corporate culture effort to the next level.

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